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At BMR, we are passionate about applying our behavioural modelling research methodology to make a real difference. 
Our focus is on enabling 2nd Order transformative change.

Whereas 1st Order change maintains an existing system or paradigm, 2nd Order change transforms and evolves the system itself. We develop highly effective and practical applications for breakthroughs in personal, organisational, community and whole-system change. 

With an aim to enable higher levels of wisdom in decision-making in key areas of society, our current work falls into four main categories of application:

  1. Transformational Leadership
  2. Conscious Commerce
  3. Generative Learning
  4. Wellness Consciousness


2nd order change requires transformational leadership. Whether your focus is in business, government, education or communities, the ability to lead whole-system transformational and cultural change requires a higher level of skills, competencies and ways of thinking and being that are significantly different from that of more conventional and transactional forms of leadership. 

Transformational leaders have developed a capacity to consciously and continually evolve their own level of consciousness for wise decision-making and authentic, creative expression of their values. They also have the ability to hold multiple and often contradictory perspectives at the same time, be comfortable with uncertainty and with not knowing all the answers, be adaptive and effective in changing circumstances, think systemically, and embody a well-developed yet constantly evolving values-based leadership philosophy. In short, transformational leaders operate from a transformative consciousness.

At BMR, we help leaders, leadership teams, and aspiring leaders develop the critical competencies, mindsets and practices that are required to lead transformative systemic and cultural change. We help you to make a real difference in areas of life that matter.  

Our current behavioural modelling research projects and offerings in the area of 2nd Order Transformational Leadership are:

  • 2nd order Leadership Development - executive coaching and workshops
  • The Way of Leadership – a leadership development programme for defining your leadership philosophy, identity, values, and beliefs to lead 2nd Order change in challenging contexts.
  • High Performing Leadership Teams - action coaching.
  • Culture Shaping - organisational consulting services, change management strategy development, leadership and leadership team coaching, strategy and design workshop facilitation.
  • Leadership Communications - executive coaching, communications strategy development and messaging design, facilitated design workshops and action coaching.
  • Inner Work Coaching for Leaders - specialised leadership coaching focused on the inner development of the leader's identity, values, beliefs, internal clarity and personal congruency as a leader of 2nd Order change.
  • Educational Leaders Accelerated Development Programme – a hybrid live + online leadership development programme for senior and aspiring educational leaders tailored to their school's specific needs.
  • 'Make A Difference: Living with Purpose and Meaning' - a personal development programme to help you discover and connect with your unique contribution to making a difference in the world, and for living your life with purpose, passion and meaning.


A significant part of modern society revolves around trade and commerce, and at its core is the transaction of buying and selling. The level of consciousness from which decisions are made about the products and services that are sold and bought has a direct impact on the social-economic ecology in which we all live. Great products and services enhance not only our quality of life but can also contribute to how we function as a healthy society. Conversely, products and services that are widely purchased yet are detrimental to our health (mental, emotional, physical, social, and financial) not only harm people but also inhibit our capacity to function as an intelligent and conscious society.

In the area we call ‘conscious commerce’, our aim is to gain deep understanding of how consumers perceive ‘value’ in order to make the ‘right’ purchase decision for them, and then align that knowledge with designing what to sell and how to sell it. The ultimate goal is to create a conscious society based on commercial exchanges of real value and that contribute to how society functions as a whole system. 

Our current behavioural modelling research projects and offerings in the area of Conscious Commerce are:

  • Buyer-modelling consultancy services - targeted buyer-modelling research to uncover how your customers perceive value within their purchasing context, how they make their purchasing decisions, what influences their choices and behaviours, and how they determine if they are satisfied (or not) with their purchase decision. Insights and recommendations can then be provided for marketing and messaging, design and delivery of sales presentations, product/service design, design of influential physical environments (e.g. showrooms, displays, store layouts, shopfronts, etc.), and more.
  • Buyer-based Selling - a unique and powerful sales program to train sales professionals to quickly identify the key decision factors for any particular customer and to then tailor their sales communications to fit the natural processes of how that customer likes to buy.
  • 'The Expert’s Dilemma: how to sell without selling' - a breakthrough program for people who need to sell what they do or offer but are not salespeople and don't like 'selling'. Ideally suited for technical experts in their field, professionals of all types, artisans and craftspeople, and anyone who needs to know how to convey the value and worth of what they offer, do, or can provide without resorting to conventional 'selling' or 'pitching'.  


At BMR, we have identified there is a direct relationship between a person’s state of physical, emotional and psychological wellness and their capacity to access higher orders of consciousness for wise decision-making.

Equally true, we have also found that wellness is a function of integration of one's mind, body, emotions and 'spirit'. We provide services and offerings to help people develop their levels of metacognition and self-facilitation for the continual evolution of their 'whole-self', thereby increasing their level of wellness consciousness for more authentic living and self-expression. 

Our current behavioural modelling research projects and offerings in the area of Wellness Consciousness are:

  • Wellness Languaging - a transformational program for learning how to wield the power of language for an enhanced wellness consciousness. By developing your levels of metacognition and awareness of how language affects your emotions and body functioning, you will learn how to become aware of your subconscious stories, narratives, and beliefs that are impacting your health and wellbeing. You will then learn how to use language in ways that transform those stories, narratives and beliefs for wiser choices leading to an integrated sense of self and wellbeing.
  • Inner Work Coaching - personal coaching for deep inner work to develop your wellness consciousness for more integrated and wiser choices impacting your wellbeing.
  • WISE Living Practices - a program of daily practices anyone can do to continually enhance their levels of wellness and sense of wellbeing. The acronym of 'WISE' stands for 'Whole-person Integration for Self Evolution'. 
  • 'Transcending Conflict: Living Life In Flow' - a powerful, experiential program for learning how to transform stress into flow. This program uses the metaphor of Aikido with simple, easy, anyone-can-do physical activities for 'embodied learning' of the techniques taught to transform stress, conflict, challenge, and adversity into flow and harmony. 


There are many different ways to learn and these different ways can either hinder or enable the development of higher orders of consciousness and self-evolution. Over the last 28 years, behavioural modeller, Marvin Oka, has continually researched the relationship between learning, being, consciousness and transformational change. He has developed a practical and powerful educational methodology for generative (transformational) learning that changes the game for educators, coaches, trainers, and anyone seeking a transformative approach to their personal growth and evolution.

Marvin Oka's Generative Learning is integrated into all of BMR's services and offerings as a means for self-evolution and emerging new levels of consciousness for wiser decision-making.

Our current behavioural modelling research projects and offerings in the area of Generative Learning are:

Our current projects and offerings in this area are:

  • Generative Learning for Educators - tailored masterclasses in the Generative Learning methodology for professional educators, trainers, and learning & development professionals.
  • Inner Work Coaching for Professional Coaches - professional workshops and masterclasses for professional coaches of all types in how to use the Generative Learning methodology for inner-work coaching.
  • Inner Work Coaching for Leaders - see previous section on 'Transformational Leadership'.
  • Transition Coaching - inner work coaching for people in various types of life transitions e.g. career change, changes in marital status, health changes, significant live events, etc. The focus is on helping people evolve their consciousness and way of being by learning generatively from the life changes they are going though.
  • Wellness Languaging - see previous section on 'Wellness Consciousness'.

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