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with Marvin Oka

-When Breakthroughs Are Needed-

Behavioural Modelling – the science of ’how’

BMR is a world leader in the practical applications of behavioural modelling in the areas of leadership, high performing teams, sales, coaching, education and learning, and personal development.

Our Services

BMR is a world leader in applying the research methodology of behavioural modelling for practical applications to business, government agencies, social enterprises, educational institutions and personal leadership development.

Corporate Consulting

Specialising in strategy development, strategic alignment, organisational culture shaping, organisational/systemic transformation, change management, and strategic conversation facilitation.

Leadership & Team Coaching

Executive leadership coaching, development of high performance leadership teams, executive transition coaching, leadership communications mentoring, and development of aspiring future leaders.

Behavioural Modelling Research

Capturing and replicating talent and expertise of top performers, development of tailored neuro-competency profiling, and deep understanding your customer’s buying psychology.

Keynote Presentations & Workshops

A variety of topics focused on behavioural modelling insights and applications to 2nd Order transformational leadership, organisational culture shaping, leadership communications, buyer-based selling and value-based influence, developing a wellness consciousness, and more.

Our aim is to help YOU achieve the performance breakthroughs you are seeking.

Whether you are a business leader or a leader of a social cause, an educator, a health practitioner, a professional coach, or a facilitator of change of any type, behavioural modelling offers you an unparalleled advantage to achieve breakthroughs in human behaviour and performance.

The Behavioural  Modelling Advantage

Achieve breakthroughs in new possibilities for accelerated development, performance, and results.

Behavioural modelling is a specialised research methodology for discovering the hidden internal processes underpinning any specific form of human ability, talent, or competency.

Once these behavioural processes have been identified, we then develop practical methods to transfer those skills and abilities to others, or use that information to provide you with penetrating insights and recommendations for the design and delivery of ‘breakthrough solutions’ in your area of need.

Examples of behavioural modelling research areas include transformational leadership skills, complex decision-making, strategic and systemic thinking, high-influence communications, physical skills (sports, dance, performing arts, etc.), people/relationship skills, personal growth and self-evolution, and more. 

When Do You Need Behavioural Modelling?


Behavioural modelling research gives you a significant advantage when you want to:

  • capture and replicate the abilities and expertise of your top performers,

  • significantly accelerate the development of people in key positions,

  • develop a highly customised profiling template for key roles and positions,

  • diagnose and identify critical areas for leveraged behavioural and cultural change,

  • gain deep insight and understanding of your customer’s decision-making processes and their purchase experience of your brand,

  • develop and design customer-centric innovations in your product or service offerings,

  • design and deliver high-impact training and coaching programs,

  • design and deliver high-influence communications and messaging,

  • design and orchestrate the layout of a physical environment to optimise individual and team performance, or to influence consumer/user behaviours.

Practical Applications That Matter

At BMR, we are passionate about applying our behavioural modelling research methodology to make a difference. We develop highly effective and practical applications for breakthroughs in personal, organisational, community and whole-system change. Our focus is on enabling 2nd Order transformative change. Whereas 1st Order change improves yet maintains an existing system or paradigm, 2nd Order change transforms and evolves the system itself. With an aim to enable higher levels of wisdom in decision-making in key areas of society, our current work falls into four main categories of application:

Transformational Leadership

2nd order change requires transformational leadership. Whether your focus is in business, government, education or communities, we have found that the ability to lead whole-system transformational and cultural change requires a higher level of skills, ways of thinking and ways of being that are significantly different from that of more conventional forms of transactional leadership. 

At BMR, we help leaders, leadership teams, and aspiring leaders develop the critical competencies, mindsets and practices  that are required to lead transformative systemic and cultural change. We help you to make a real difference in areas of life that matter.

Conscious Commerce

The level of wisdom (or lack of it) that drives the decisions made about the products and services bought and sold in any society has a direct impact on that society's socio-economic ecology.

Through ‘conscious commerce’, we help businesses gain a deep understanding of how their customers perceive ‘value’  for making the ‘right’ purchase decision for them, and then align that knowledge with how their business defines, communicates and delivers its core value proposition.

The aim is to create a conscious society based on real value-creation that contributes to society's functioning as a whole.

Generative Learning

Over the last 28 years, behavioural modeller, Marvin Oka, has continually researched the relationship between learning, being, consciousness and transformational change. He has developed a practical and powerful educational methodology for generative (transformational) learning that changes the game for educators, coaches, trainers, and anyone seeking a transformative approach to their personal growth and evolution.

Marvin Oka's Generative Learning is integrated into all of BMR's services and offerings as a means for self-evolution and emerging new levels of consciousness for wiser decision-making.

Wellness Consciousness

At BMR, we have identified there is a direct relationship between a person’s state of physical, emotional and psychological wellness and their capacity to access higher orders of consciousness for wise decision-making.

Equally true, we have also found that wellness is a function of integration of one's mind, body, emotions and 'spirit'. 

We provide services and offerings to help people develop their levels of metacognition and self-facilitation for the continual evolution of their 'whole-self', thereby increasing their level of wellness consciousness for more authentic living and self-expression.

Some of our past clients include

National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ bank, Telstra, Lotus-IBM Asia Pacific, BHP Billiton, the Australian Taxation Office, the John Holland Group, ICI (now Orica), Carlton United Breweries, Fiat Chrysler, Unilever, Suncorp, MLC Insurance, Warner Music Australia, Salmat-Salesforce, Estee Lauder, Victoria University, Oz Child, Changi Airport (Singapore), SAP Asia-Pacific, Saudi Water Conversion Corporation, and many others.

"Until I started working closely with Marvin Oka over 30 years ago I had no idea what behavioural modelling was or how useful it could be. Since then I have learned that modelling, at least in the hands of a master like Marvin, can reveal insights not usually available to the casual, or even to the expert, observer. Marvin is an exceptional human being and that combined with his authoritative intelligence in his field, gives his insights and analyses a freshness and acuity that is all too rare."

Dr. Richard Hames
CEO of the Hames Group and past CEO of the Centre for the Future

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