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Transforming Struggle to Freedom

Generative Inner Work for Transforming the Self

with Marvin Oka

For leaders, coaches and transformational change agents

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Making a difference begins with ourselves.

Are you struggling with...


Becoming someone who embodies the qualities and abilities to make a real difference to others and in the world?

Living more authentically with real meaning and purpose?

Making personal breakthroughs and transformative changes in your own life?

Transitioning from a previous phase of your life into a new and more congruent way of Being and living?

Applying what you already know to achieve real and lasting change?

Join me for this free webinar.


Hi, I'm Marvin Oka.


Making a real difference in the world is challenging.

However, the real struggle for leaders is internal.


Let me help you transform that struggle into a consciousness of freedom, choice and change.

Over the last 30+ years, I have been helping change agents of all types make a difference to their organisations, industries, communities, target markets and most importantly, themselves. 

I work with transformational leaders, business owners, consultants, trainers, educators, presenters, facilitators, and coaches. What they all have in common is they recognise the need to consciously develop and evolve who they are as a person on an ongoing basis. They do their inner work. 

In this webinar, I will introduce you to my Generative Inner Work methodology for consciously evolving your way of Being, your levels of self-awareness consciousness for wiser decision-making, and for living with greater meaning and purpose. 

What is Generative Inner Work?

Generative Inner Work (GIW) is the application of Marvin Oka’s Generative Learning methodology to personal development, personal transformation and self-evolution.

The aim and focus of GIW is to evolve one’s level of consciousness for wiser, more authentic (essence-based) ways of Being, experiencing, living, decision-making, action-taking, and relating.

GIW enables people to use any personal issue as a means to evolve their way of Being and to experience their world from a place of freedom, creative authenticity and choice consciousness.

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Attend this powerful free webinar. 

It will change how you approach your life and your calling.

This is not a webinar for the merely curious or dabbler. This webinar is for people who are serious about developing themselves as a leader and enabler of real change in their personal and professional lives. The inherent nature of Marvin Oka's Generative Inner Work methodology will involve various self-reflection exercises throughout this webinar.

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In this 90 minute webinar you will learn:

  • The Different Types of Inner Calls to Conscious Living and why you must answer them for your intrinsic wellbeing
  • The Problematic Life Compromises you'll fall into without conscious inner work
  • Types of Inner Work - Clarity, Alignment, Insight, and Generative
  • The Trap of Common Personal Development - why simplistic 'how to' methods are not enough
  • The Levels of Generative Learning that can change your life
  • The Domains of Personal Transformation for Self-evolution
  • The Generative Self-Inquiry Process to transform struggle into personal evolution for real change
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"Marvin makes decades of information so accessible, understandable and tangible to apply."

Anita Kropacsy
Director, Pacesetters

"If you want to be in front of a master and the delivery of amazing thinking, then Marvin is a man not to be missed."

Brian Clark
Director, Precision Profiling

"Marvin is a master of his craft. What I have learned has changed how I see and do my life, and positively impacted those around me."

Angela LoValvo
Professional Organiser

Join us for this powerful free webinar. 


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